Creating a foundation for your visual identity is vital to your brand's success.

Before any designing takes place, we will distinguish
 your design strategy. Research will be conducted to understand your business's needs from your target persona's perspective. This will align the stylistic design choices with your brand's voice in order to achieve your business needs.  

Once the strategy has been defined, the project really begins to take form.

(Included in every brand package)



Challenging industry standards through visual design is Curly Cue's speciality... it all begins with your inquiry form, as well as the discovery call. Those two factors, combined with the in-depth questionnaire in your client portal, will lead to a deep exploration into strategic market positioning, creative design choices, dynamic typography, and bold color palettes. 

Starting at $3,000

Branding packages start with:

- Brand Strategy + Market Research
- Moodboards (2) + Creative Direction 
- Revision Sessions (2 if needed) 
- Logo Suite (Primary + Supporting Marks) 


- Typography Pairing
- Primary + Supporting Color Palettes 
- Brand Patterns + Secondary Elements 
- Brand Guidelines PDF 


Package tiers exist for add on marketing deliverables such as website design, business cards, stationary, signage, pitch decks, flyers, extra brand patterns, and social media graphics.


A visual identity is not simply a logo - it's SO much more. Think about it this way - you wouldn't invest in a $200k sports car and then put regular gasoline in it. The same goes for your branding. Why invest in just one aspect and not another? They go hand in hand. Your logo is already in place at this point, now it's time to craft up a supporting deliverable that speaks the same language. For most, this will your main point of contact with clients and customers. A VITAL element in your brand's visual success. 

Starting at $2,500


Are you ready to take the next step and invest in your business?




Get Connected!

This is where we will get to know one another, define the scope of the work you're looking to have done, get questions answered, and establish objectives for your company's new brand. I will also get you onboarded into my bespoke portal.


Design Time!

Now that we've selected a moodboard and communicated the overall brand strategy, we dive into the ideation phase. The final brand concept (no matter the service) will be a direct reflection of the strategy and moodboard that was decided upon in the previous phases.


Research & Moodboards

In-depth research is conducted in this phase to ensure your brand is vastly more badass than anything else existing in your industry. Once the research is complete, two different moodboards will be presented.


Brand Presi & Approval

Your total brand guidelines PDF will be presented for feedback. This will include your concept, logo suite, and all other marketing deliverables included in your package. If changes are needed, no sweat! We'll work it until it's perfect. 


Brand Strategy

Once the moodboard has been chosen. A rigorous deep-dive takes place on my part. Depending on what you require, I will craft up a go-to-market plan to ensure you are set up for visual communication success.



Final logo files will be sent over to you, website information will be transferred, social media posts will be made. Then you're ready to rock with me rooting you on, every step of the way!!! 


This is everything I need. Let's do it!