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Greetings! I'm Alex. Your go-to local (tatted) brand strategist & designer. 

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I have my mother to thank for cultivating my creativity with countless hours of arts n crafts, scrapbooking, and drawing growing up. 

I played soccer competitively for 15+ years and 1 year at the collegiate level. It taught me immense time management, the value in a collective, and just how vital precision is. 

Powerlifting is a form of meditation for me. 

While I was traversing through my first couple years of design school, trying to figure out which medium spoke to me. I began designing most of my own tattoo's as well as countless commissions for others. 

I'm a BIG time plant mama and my house gives off jungle vibes. Shoot me an email if you'd like me to send you a {free} propagated plant cutting. I'm always happy to spread the plant love!

Almost nothing can beat being outdoors with my two doggos and fiancé.

I was bullied when I was younger from not having straight hair. Now here I am, embracing the curls and (hopefully) empowering others by rising above the hate.


Some things about me you probably didn't know:




Alex is incredibly intelligent, talented, and creative, giving her the ability to handle all graphic design needs. Work includeded full scale branding as well as website development which for me, as a client, was overwhelming to think about. That said, she provided a detailed schedule with key deliverables and weekly check-in meetings to review progress and gain feedback which is 5 star service. 


Realtor @ Keller Williams

Alex is an ABSOLUTE TALENT when it comes to bringing your vision to life! Super easy to collaborate with, has AMAZING vision and delivers a STELLAR design package in the end! I couldn’t be more happy with my branding package Alex designed for me. Alex will be my graphic artist forever.

Alex put together the branding for my personal training business and I couldn’t be happier with both the result and the process. She is incredibly talented and has the unique ability to create a vision for your brand that you didn’t even know you had. Her attention to detail is unmatched which helped me feel like my brand was in capable hands. I would recommend Alex to anyone with a design project!


Founder @ CP Training


Founder @ Green Machine MGMT


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