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SMALL STUDIO, huge impact.

Helping business owners embrace what makes them truly unique. Take it from them...


  • The first step is to fill out the inquiry form. From there, the team will reach out within 48 hours to set up a brief discovery call. We will go over the project scope and ensure we're a good fit!

  • A proposal, contract, and invoice will be emailed to you. Once fulfilled, you will be onboarded into your bespoke portal which will house all of our documents for the project. 

  • Your portal has a custom questionnaire which will be the first step before any designing takes place. Once completed, the team will review them and begin a deep industry dive which will begin to outline your brand's foundations and overall market approach/strategy. 

  • Once the strategic foundations have been established, you will be presented with two visual moodboard directions to choose from .This is the overall energy your branding will exude. Once chosen, your visual take form and you will be presented with a fully executed visual identity! 

  • The time has COME! It's launch day. Your final files will be delivered in the portal among resources and other assets that can be valuable to your business! 

the founder...

Curly Cue was established in 2021 by Alex Piscopo.


After discovering her passion for helping business owners express uniqueness through design, she wholeheartedly dedicated herself to the cause. She created a studio that empowers clients to channel their individuality in order to drive profits, foster growth, and connect with their ideal audiences. 

When she's not designing (which is rare), you can find Alex at a music festival, hiking a trail in the Rockies with her dogs, adventuring in a new country, savoring cuisines with her hubby, tending to her plants, and/or making sourdough and pasta from scratch. 

❋ You don't resonate with our design style. 

❋ You think we charge too much.

❋ You say things like 'I can do it myself in Canva'. 

❋ You don't have solid business concept.

We won't be a great fit if...

❋ You're excited about our design style. 

❋ You understand the power of branding.

❋ You trust the creative process.

❋ You're ready to invest into leveling up. 

We'll make a great fit if...


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