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Behind the Scenes

Alex is the founder of Curly Cue. A brand & communications studio based out of Denver, CO but providing services all over the world.

After receiving her B.F.A. in graphic design, Alex entered the marketing world and spent time learning the ins and outs of the industry. 

After experience and knowledge was gained, she quit her full-time job to pursue her dreams of owning her own business; specifically a design studio with an emphasis on connecting her partners with their audience.

Communication is key in absolutely every relationship, especially professionally. It all starts with strategy; the foundations of your brand, your voice, your overall messaging, your story, and how you are positioned in your industry,


All of these factors ultimately determine how you are perceived by your audience. 

Curly Cue makes that perception positive, long-lasting, and prosperous. 



Human-centered design is at the forefront of every move we make. After all, we are human, right?


Curly Cue Publications

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Happy Clients you May Know

- Paly Cannabis

- Festie Fallzz Extensions

- Serene Swimwear

- Turnkey Asset Mgt.

- Burke PI Firm

- Duality HVAC

- Asset Defense

- Meadow Munchies 

- CP Training

- Kulina Massage 

- Elite Inspections

- REBEL Cannabis

- Verdure Market

- Yummy Spread Co.

- Dead Sour Candy

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