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Not every business is ready for professional brand design... & that's ok!

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We have a solution for you!

Pre-made, strategic, semi-custom: brand kits.

We firmly believe that 100% custom branding is not the only solution for business owners getting started. Yes, it is the most ideal because it will be designed specifically with research and goals in mind, however, we have carefully curated the stunning brands below that are backed by industry research/strategy & they may be the perfect fit for your business. 

This is a perfect solution if you're a business owner that's on a tight budget and/or timeline, but still wants something custom!

Serene | Hang Tag Design | Professional Brand Design
Omega | Water Bottle Design | Professional Brand Design
Festie Fallzz | Hang tags | Professional Brand Design
Kulina | Stationary Design | Professional Brand Design





How it Works

  • If a brand speaks you and you'd like to acquire the designs for your business, please click the inquire button and fill out the contact form!

  • We will review your inquiry to ensure that your brand name and industry are suitable for the designs. If it's a good fit, an invoice will be sent - if not, the team will still reach out to discuss other options for you!


    Once the payment is obtained, the brand will officially be taken off my site so that no one else can purchase it. It's ALL yours! 

  • You can expect a proof in 1 week. You will get one round of revisions but have no fear because we're experts at what we do! 

    Items that can be customized are the brand name, wording, and light layout editing. 

  • Once we have final approval of the designs,  we will save all of the files for print and web, prepare your Brand Style Guide, and upload everything into a bespoke portal.


    Then you can download everything and start using your stunning new brand right away!


  • No way jose! Once your invoice is paid, we will immediately remove the brand kit and you will be the only one (ever) who gets to use it!

  • At this time, we only offer minor changes to the brand kits such as, colors, icons, and your business name. If you are looking for something more custom, hop on over to our inquiry form and let's talk options!

  • Once we approve that your brand name and industry fit with the designs, you will receive your brand files within one week. If you would like the turn-around time to be within 24 hours a $400 fee will be added to your invoice. 

  • Due to the high demand of interest in each of the brands when we release them, we will not be doing name fittings as it takes up too much time for other interested buyers. We will be happy to tell you if your name will work or not though before purchase. 

  • Of course! If you want to add any print materials, a website design, social media, monthly retainer, etc; we can discuss it further.

Sold | Brand Kit
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