2026 WINTER OLYMPICS | identity system

olympics copy.jpg

PROJECT: A theoretical branding project for the 2026 Chamonix, winter Olympics. 


COMPANY: Winter Olympics

OVERVIEW: The Chamonix 2026 Winter Olympics brand concepts were created by researching staples of the town, environment, culture, and the history of both France and more specifically, Chamonix.

PROBLEM: This was one of my first attempts at digitizing a logo back in 2016. Therefore, the main problem lied in the conceptualizing of visual elements and learning how to make them communicate with one another. 

SOLUTION: Research. Research. Research. Much of my inspiration for the logo was drawn from the national flag and identifiable patterns in France. I incorporated elements that were representative of the Eiffel tower and symbolism that is representative of Chamonix (the red train).

RESULT: This project was a pivotal moment in my design career. I learned much about conceptualization and ideation, as well as developed a strong process as to how I approach a branding project.