THE SWEETEST BEAN | identity system + label designs

PROJECT: A total identity system accompanied by a 4oz and gallon jug label.

COMPANY: The Sweetest Bean


OVERVIEW: I worked closely with CEO and COO to create a total brand guideline and packaging labels for a vanilla bean extract company. 
PROBLEM: Create a visual brand that will read as elegant yet funky, and will stand out next to existing extract companies.
SOLUTION: By utilizing a sans-serif and script typeface in the logo, the brand already begins to take form by appealing to a wide audience range. The colors selected were extremely deliberate. Not only do they tie into the actual colors of a vanilla bean, but they are energetic and bubbly, which is VASTLY different from other extract companies. 

RESULT: The results of this product have been stellar. Not only were the 4oz bottles flying off the shelves, but the CEO reached out and asked me to design a label for a gallon jug in order to begin distributing in bulk.