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Rhoptra Music | Electronic Artist

SCOPE: Discovery & Strategy, Logo, Identity Program, Merchandise, Social Media Collateral, Soundcloud Graphics


I've worked closely with this local electronic music artist for a couple years now to create his ever-expanding music label brand. Though RHOPTRA is his stage name, Peter is an incredibly deep thinker that seeks to impact the world through his art. His mysterious and eerie sound design separate him from other artists and aided heavily in the overall style that was created from his brand. That said, I knew from the get-go his logo would be full of symbolism and conceptuality.

RHOPTRON [N]: Plural
A special buzzing drum used in ancient Greece associated with the Corybantes. The drum, which was made from hollowed-out pieces of pine or fir, only had one opening (stoma) at the top. Hence the circular logo shape with a break at the top alluding to the physical form of the drum. 

The Rhoptron is held near and dear to Peter which is why he revolved his entire brand around it. Thus, it was only appropriate to shed light on his culture by honoring the drum in his logo. Furtherore, the letterforms in the center not only form an "R" for Rhoptra, but also a "P" for Peter as he views his stage persona and everyday life persona as one. The abstract wave toward the bottom of the mark directly ties to the music industry and is reproduced in all of his marketing deliverables. 

Peter was adamant from the get-go of his color scheme being white/black and after our discovery call, we felt it best to add a secondary palette containing a grey. In addition, he draws immense inspiration from nature and organic sounds, thus, the only color pops you'll tend to see in his branding are images of nature that he's photographed throughout his journeys



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