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Paly Cannabis


Denver, Colorado.


8 Weeks


Brand & visual identity, print materials, social media design, pitch deck, website layout.

Paly is a luxury cannabis subscription service that provides a new way to purchase and experience cannabis products, conveniently. The founder wanted a stand-out visual identity with bright colors and discreet visuals as a big portion of her target audience are an older demographic who seek to purchase cannabis low-key.

An inviting visual identity that's energetic and instills excitement in consumers! It's playful, welcoming, and professional - especially with the "cannabis-like" visuals that add a discreet and high-end feel. A huge aspect of this branding was to do away with the stereotypical pot leaf and brass colors that come with it. By brightening the color palette and adding custom illustrations, this visual identity has a huge personality of it's own.

"Can’t thank this gal enough for igniting a fire in my planning process and helping me through some tough obstacles in that process. She’s really given me a new fresh perspective and added a lot of color (literally) to my biz planning. Her process is so thorough and detailed. Very professional which is so comforting when you’re putting your business vision in someone else’s hands. Her final designs were more amazing than I could have ever imagined and I’m so glad I decided to work with her. Highly recommend her for any project you’ve got. She really takes the time to learn about and understand anything she doesn’t already. You won’t be disappointed!"

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