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Omega Functional Health


Denver, Colorado.


12 Weeks


Brand strategy, logo system, print materials.


Omega Functional Health is a team of caring and result-oriented practitioners who take the time to get to know their patients. They exist in the health industry but take a unique approach to their services with holistic integration. This project was a rebrand so they wanted to elevate their positioning and target a higher-end clientele base.


A high-end and elegant visual identity that speaks to the quality of services the team offers. The unique color palette stands out in the health & wellness industry and the supporting graphics are Asian-inspired which ties in the founder's heritage.


"I am the co-owner of a health business that decided it was time to elevate our brand. That decision ultimately meant we wanted to change our business name and upgrade our branding presence. Working with Alex has been a big part of this process that helped bring our vision, the complexity of our business, our services, our ideas, and desires in how we want to offer excellent care to patients— all of it in a simple, beautiful brand. Her work is comprehensive— from presentation of our brand, to research and how to best elevate our brand, to creating a meaningful tagline, to ultimately our logo, our fonts, to customized illustration. She took the massive thoughts we had and put it into something so concise that helps guide our presentation in many platforms moving forward (in office, to website, to social media.) Working with Alex was well worth our investment. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, Alex!"

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