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Massage and Wellness Branding - Stationary Design

Kulina Wellness


Brand strategy, logo system, print materials, social media, website.


Denver, CO.


12 Weeks


Kulina is a luxury wellness brand that delivers intentionally curated yoga, integrative massages, and all things mindful. The founder came to me with an open mind and gave me total creative freedom to craft a brand design that was elegant, high-end, and welcoming.


Kulina is based on movement, whether it be yoga, massage, or encouraging activeness in other forms. Thus, the logo system incorporates dynamism which is displayed in the 'K'. As you'll see, it's a unique geometric mark that plays off of the massage/yoga therapist's body form when conducting services. The main color palette is black and white with a light icy blue accent to give off a relaxing energy to those who interact with the brand.


"Working with Alex and Curly Cue Design Studio has been amazing. I told Alex my business vision; she delivered more than I expected. Initially, I contacted her for a logo, and she ended up building my website and social media out for me as well. Her process was so seamless and professional that it was easy to take my hands off and let her run with it. I was more than impressed with the results. I can't recommend Alex and Curley Cue Design Studio enough. IMO, her artwork and creativity speak for themselves, but her professionalism while taking you through her process is what really sets Curley Cue Design Studio apart from other Artists/Designers.

10 out of 10 would recommend."

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