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Duality HVAC


Durango, Colorado.


14 Weeks


Brand strategy, logo system, print materials, website development.


Duality is an HVAC company that aims to make heating & air conditioning approachable by providing the best customer service in Durango, CO. The goal was to ensure the visuals are welcoming as most of the designs in this industry are outdated and unapproachable.


Duality’s name is unique as it directly correlates to yin/yang, specifically, the heating and cooling elements of HVAC companies. Thus, the logo form implies the dualism of the industry as a whole (heat & cooling). The supporting graphics are lighthearted and welcoming as most competitors have outdated visuals. This positions Duality in a higher tier for it's market standing and opens up their audience to women through the caricature illustrations and color palette.

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