Kristal Saladin - Realtor
SCOPE: Discovery & Strategy, Logo, Type & Color


Kristal sought me out in order to create an elegant and visually stimulating logo for her realty brand. There 
was total creative freedom given to me throughout this project, as all that she required was the color palette and the
verbiage to read as presented. The conceptuality was entirely open-ended and being that she is also an artist, 
I decided a more abstract mark would pair splendid with not only her brand, but who she is as a person. Ultimately,
we created an elegant and inviting logo that's vastly different from any other realtor mark to exist. 

Kristal Branding-22-22.png
Kristal Brandving-25.png

Although she was not in a position that required a full styleguide, she wanted to get her logo created
first and foremost. That way when she is ready to expand her business, we will be able to pick up where we left off
and continue to define her brand's style and explore typography, color, and logo usage more in--depth. 

Free Metallic Foil Logo Mockup PSD 2018.jpg