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Kulina Massage & Wellness


Brand strategy, logo system, print materials, social media, website.


Denver, CO.


7 Weeks

Kulina (Koo-Lee-Na) is a luxury massage & wellness collective of high-vibrational facilitators that specialize in holistic massage, personalized bodywork, intentional stretching, and transformative yoga. The owner needed a logo system that matched his high-end approach to massage and positioned him in the industry as "not your typical masseuse" as his services are uniquely integrative compared to his competitors.

A logo system based on movement as his services revolve around how the human body moves and shifts. As you'll see, the 'K' is a unique geometric mark that plays off of the massage/yoga therapist's body form when conducting services. The main color palette is black and white with a light icy blue accent to give off a relaxing energy to those who interact with the brand. The brand pattern is elegant and derived from the logomark.

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