CHERRY FINE ART FRAMES | website design

PROJECT: A total website design and SEO studies.

COMPANY: Cherry Fine Art Frames

OVERVIEW: The work for this company began as a web design project. From there it evolved into a more permanent position as the digital design lead for the company. I was in charge of reestablishing the brand guidelines, website design/maintenance (ongoing SEO), led the force on conducting marketing and advertising tactics, created all social media graphics, and ran social media accounts (instagram, facebook, and twitter).


PROBLEM: I did not create the logo for this company nor did I make changes to it, that said, I was asked to create the supporting elements and establish an identity system for the pre-existing wordmark.

SOLUTION: Through multiple in-depth meetings and thorough conversations with the CEO, I was able to construct a system that compliments the already existing logo.


RESULT: . A unique and fully functioning website with a successful click rate and ranking in google through SEO work.