Burke Investigations

Brand identity for a private investigator firm in Alabama. This system integrates a modern yet elegant approach to the PI visual design world. 

Brand Identity, Packaging, Signage


"We connect the dots,
so you don't have to." 

Ben and Emily make up Burke, Private Investigators. They are extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and have built a solid foundation for which their clients have total trust. All key points that were concluded on the brand strategy call. 

Being that 98% of the PI Industries visual identities are outdated and templated - Emily and Ben came to me, ready to make waves and break industry "standards".

The strategy? Appeal to a wider range of clientele as you never know who's going to give you a call as a private investigator. That said, a lot of the work they do outside of the personal engagements are legality investigations. Thus, the
identity needed to also embody luxury and class while keeping an approachable energy.


Burke Investigations