Bootstrap Consulting Digital Marketing Agency | total brand identity + marketing collateral 

PROJECT: A logo paired with a total identity system and collateral imagery for marketing.


COMPANY: Bootstrap Consulting


OVERVIEW: Working directly with the founders of this agency was a true honor. Bootstrap Consulting is a home-grown, women-centric, Chicago based, digital marketing agency. The two women who founded this company were an inspiration to work alongside throughout the duration of this project. Communication was at a high at all times and we were able to exchange ideas and construct an ecosystem tailored entirely to who they are and what they represent. 

PROBLEM:  The only bump in the road that arose during this project was finding the proper imagery to pair with the marketing deliverables. It was slightly time consuming, but overall, entirely worth it looking at the end result. 

SOLUTION: During this project I learned a lot about how to communicate conceptual ideas properly.

RESULT: I believe the greatest results were yielded in the final logo. I was given a list of elements to incorporate, and to this day, I whole heartedly believe it is one of the strongest symbol I've created. It 100% depicts who these powerful women are as well as accurately tells the narrative of their company visually.